Why Should I Have My Ducts Cleaned?

Duct cleaning helps alleviate allergies.

Duct cleaning improves indoor air quality, reducing microscopic contaminants commonly found in ducts, such as:

· Bacteria

· Mold spores

· Fungus

· Pollen

· Pet dander

· Dust mites

Duct cleaning helps you ditch the dust.

By reducing buildup in ducts, cleaning ductwork means less dust blown all over your home – and less housework for you.

Duct cleaning boosts efficiency – and your bank account.

Resistance, such as dust buildup on ductwork surfaces, can reduce heating and cooling efficiency – and by no small amount. According to Environment Protection Agency (EPA) studies, just .042 inches of dust can drop ductwork efficiency by more than 20%.

How often should I have my air vents cleaned?

The National Air Duct Cleaners Association recommends having your air ducts professionally cleaned every three to five years, however timing may vary depending on:

· Location and climate.

· How often you use your heating and cooling system.

· If anyone in your home has allergies or asthma.

· If you have pets.

· If you’ve moved to a new home, built a new home, or your home has recently undergone remodeling.

Is it past time to clean my air ducts?

Signs that indicate an extreme need for air duct cleaning include:

· Black debris around air vents, indicating a soiled system.

· A visible “poof” of dust when air or heat is released from vent work.

· Visible dust buildup in vent work when the air filter is removed for cleaning.

· Suspicion of mold in ductwork.

· Insect, vermin, or rodent infestation of ductwork.

Not a DIY job

Cleaning ductwork is about more than a quick wipe-down. Professional air duct cleaning addresses supply and return ducts, air vents, and diffusers. Special brushes and vacuum equipment are necessary to effectively remove debris, as well as the safe application of chemicals to address issues such as mold. Duct cleaning also includes the professional cleaning and maintenance of your heating and cooling system. To prevent damage to your system and exposure to harmful contaminants and chemicals, professional, trained duct cleaning technicians are essential.

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