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No matter the style or material of your commercial hard floor – travertine, marble, vinyl, concrete, and more Steamatic of Arkansas delivers an effective, complete cleaning solution that will fit your exact needs. Your floor is part of your company and keeping it presentable is an important part of that experience, both for your customers and your employees.

For decades Steamatic of Arkansas has provided top-notch cleaning services to meet the countless needs of our customers. Since every commercial floor is unique, it’s important to follow a different, customized cleaning plan for each. That is why we use only the best cleaning materials and solutions to ensure your costs will cover not only keeping your commercial floors sanitary and sparkling but, the sealing and protecting of those floors as well to make sure your floor keeps its wow factor.

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Steamatic of Arkansas offers tile and grout cleaning for your commercial building. Our trained technicians can restore your tile and grout to like new conditions. To do this we use high pressure, agitations, and heat to immediately extract years of buildup on your floors.

Steamatic of Arkansas is top-rated for professional hard floor care for a reason. Our experienced technicians will look at your floors, discuss floor care options with you, and prepare a price quote for one-time floor care service or a custom schedule based on your work environment, soil load and the impression you need to make on your customers, visitors, employees, and patients.

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First our team member will examine and measure your tile, to ensure there are no surprises at the end of the job we establish pricing before any work begins.

Once the work begins we will apply premium grout and tile preconditioner and allow time for it to break down oils and dirt then agitate the grout and tile as needed. Then your technician will pressure clean and extract the tile and grout with our Steamatic of Arkansas truck-mounted, hot water extraction unit.


There is no set rule as to how often tile should be cleaned. frequency of cleaning varies due to the texture of the tile, the amount of foot traffic, whether the grout is sealed, and the frequency of mopping. You are the best judge to determine whether your tile has lost its luster.

We can also tackle the hard surfaces of your restrooms.  Public restrooms are among the most used, and most contaminated places in any commercial building.  Steamatic of Arkansas can help eliminate harmful stain and bacteria build-up.

To make things even easier, we can set you up on a routine cleaning schedule, with the options of cleaning every 6, 12, 18, or 24 months. Since life can often be hectic we will always call to remind you when it is time for your next cleaning.

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Grout is made of cement, which is porous, so it will take on the colors and odors of oils, soil, grime, and other household contaminants which makes sealing your grout is essential to protecting your investment. Grout that is not sealed will eventually ruin your tile floor.

The benefits of grout sealant are numerous. For instance, if you spill something on your flooring once it soaks into the grout, your chances of removing it have diminished greatly. If the tile is sealed, it essentially repels the liquid and wipes right up! Mold and mildew can also grow in unsealed grout that is continuously exposed to a wet, humid environment.

By sealing the grout, this eliminates mold and mildew from growing deep in the grout which helps you spend less time cleaning and more time doing the things that are important to you.

Steamatic of Arkansas will apply grout sealant immediately after cleaning. It is a clear, penetrating sealer that will protect the grout from future discoloration without changing the appearance of the floor. Most floor dealers recommend applying sealant when the flooring is installed, but it does not last forever, and periodic reapplication of the sealant will extend the life of your tile greatly.



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ASCS- Air Systems Cleaning Specialist
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